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fresh. innovative. personal.

fresh. innovative. personal.

Part-time personal chefs:

an in-home chef when you want, without the commitment


Part-time personal chefs:

an in-home chef when you want, without the commitment


Drop off meals


Our drop off meals consist of a first course and main course which requires little to no preparation. We think of them as a combination of take out, and meal prep boxes.

Cooked in Meals


Another service we offer is cooked in meals. A chef will come and prepare a 2-3 course meal. We typically spend 2-4 hours in your home total. Whether you want us part of your weekly schedule, or you just want to treat yourself once in awhile, we can accommodate. Our service is part-time, so there is no need to commit to a full-time personal chef.

Other Services


Have other services in mind? Send us a message. We'd love to chat. Whether it's dinner parties(large or small), special occasions, cooking classes, etc., we are flexible.

About Us


We provide simple, home meals, using local and seasonal ingredients. Most of our produce comes from various farmers' markets in San Francisco.

Private Dinners


Do you want to provide a delicious and healthy dinner for your family and/or friends, but don't have the time or energy? Or maybe you want to introduce different foods to your children. Let Sweet & Sowers send a personal chef to your home, and do the healthy meal prep right in front of you! No need to find a babysitter, drive, wait in busy restaurants, or even change out of your post work sweatpants. At least one night a week, we can have dinner taken care of for you.

Drop Off Meals


Sometimes you don't feel like cooking dinner, but you also don't feel like going out. Sweet & Sowers can also provide, what we call, drop off meals. A meal that is mostly prepared, and only requires light cooking or reheating. The home meals are dropped off in Tupperware containers at your home, on a day of your choosing.

Sample Menus

Please note: this is a sample menu and is fully customizable to your needs. We also change menus weekly.

A bit about the chefs

Nick and Marissa met in New York City, after both moving from their home states, Maryland and Wisconsin. They both worked in Italian restaurants for a few years before moving to San Francisco on a whim, inspired by a love for good food and travel. After working in restaurants in the city, and cooking private dinners on the side, their side job became fulltime. Now, the pair works together, frequenting local farmers' markets, and creating simple food they love.

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I know you're busy but let's start the conversation. How can Sweet & Sowers make your life easier, and provide youself, family, or friends with a delicious experience? We are flexible in accommodating your schedule and lifestyle.

Sweet and Sowers

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Marissa: (262) 374-3118 Nick: (443) 223-8670

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